Our experience for many years is the guarantee of our future

  • RMARK invests in the sector it activates and seizes the investment opportunities in new sectors of strategic importance. Thanks to its strong inheritance coming from many years and assertive strategy, RMARK, today, has trademarks which have succeeded deserved achievements both in Turkey and abroad.
  • Taking the globally accepted corporate management and corporate risk management principles as basis, RMARK has reached to the leading position in domestic and international Patents field with its many trademarks and has started to have a voice in domestic and international markets.
  • RMARK has continued to be the solution partner of your companies which have reached a leading position in Trademark and Patent issues.
  • RMARK, which is one of the esteemed Trademark & Patent institutions in Turkey, aims to be the leader in its field with its innovative and productive identity.



  • We are an innovative and idealist business model of a professional manner oriented, elaborative, assertive REGISTRATION OFFICE which gives priority on trust, is sensitive in the name of Customers, closely keeps up with Science, Technology, Information and Design World and makes of use of this well, is remarkably distinguished from its competitors with its Service and Communication Model and has great objectives.

We care about the values we have at least as much as you do and provide TOTALLY EXCLUSIVE SOLUTIONS for you with our team having an experience of 15 years in industrial propriety rights field.
We strengthen your hand right from the beginning of work, calculate the possible risks, share them with you and ensure that you take necessary measures in this progressively increasing neck and neck environment.
We know that
"The greatest capital you have is your ideas."