Barcode Registration

  • Barcode Registration

    • According to the brand owner's product barcode system (irrespective of where or by whom produced) it is responsible for providing product barcode number. However, the products of the brand, as stated in the case, but also the product manufacturer, distributor, importer or retailer may have.
    • Manufacturer if the product is manufactured or sold under its own brand name
    • Importer / wholesaler, you sell products under its own brand name that it generated in any country or importer / wholesaler has made changes in the product (for example, changes made in the product package)
    • Retailers, which it generated in any country if the product sells under its own brand name
    • Barcode applications are made on the basis of the company. Join adopted company, creates barcode number for the allocated GS1 Company Prefix and product types.
    • After receiving GS1 Company Prefix contact GS1 Turkey in the results, according to their company 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12-digit GS1 Company Prefix is ​​allocated. Then, for each type of product the company should create the product number in the format shown in the following table.
    • GS1 Company Prefix Digits

      Product Type Number

      Product Number


















      to give the product number of the identification number after the operation on product packages, it should be represented by the barcode. If a product's barcode to print a large number of cheapest and easiest method to acquire the bar code film masters.

      GS1 member Turkey, which every company, and made membership while continuing to address and change of title shows the address and the title change with the Trade Registry Gazette must submit a letter of GS1 Turkey.

      Address and name changes in the allocation of GS1 company prefix is ​​not allowed to be extended to other natural or legal persons with Turkey members. But they can transfer their membership if given approval by GS1 Turkey.

      Prefixed to-be-released after the expiration of the number of products I can enumerate new products using all product numbers that can be created with existing GS1 company prefix for companies to receive an additional number, in the current year's income shows the turnover of the previous financial year statement and the company determined by the turnover of the previous fiscal year receipt is required showing that wages paid.

      GS1 member Turkey, which companies pay GS1 Turkey's bank account in September of each year, the annual fee. The annual fee is not paid when it was a member of the company. Annual dues amount each year will be announced in writing to the member companies are determined by GS1 Turkey. current address to the members of the company to be announced as a healthy member firm of annual dues notice must inform GS1 Turkey.

      GS1 take a global state of the system and to develop a single system can be used all over the world, GS1 US (USA), and GS1 Canada (Canada), all from January 1, 2005, U.S. and GT-8 Canadian retailers (E-8) and GT-13 (M-13) reported they could read the barcode. "Sunrise 2005" (Sunrise 2005) initiative called is explained in 1997.

      However, some U.S. and Canadian companies are still demanding the use of bar code UPC partners. In these special cases, GS1 Our company is a member of the System, GS1 System Unlike the barcode number can apply GS1 Turkey for the allocation of a UPC number and GS1 Turkey, GS1 US (USA) via this number may assigned to them. When applying for the allocation UPC number of companies, a petition to request the allocation UPC number and UPC number claiming U. or Canadian firms from Turkey should be referred to an article by GS1 UPC number documenting the request and allocation of fees set by TOBB Board to pay the costs.

      Barcode When deciding on the withdrawal from the market of a product, that product number 4 years (48 months) can not be used for another product. After this period, the same numbers can be used for a commercial product. 4 Number of years can not be used, it is calculated from the date of its submission to final product distribution channels. The number of textile products given to a product is available again after 30 months.